Beards and Brew on tap in Portland this weekend


When Rogue Ales in the other Portland introduced a Beard Beer, made with the yeast from a brewer’s facial hair, it seemed the genre had come to a head. What is it with beards and beer? Find out this weekend when the Bearded BrewFest comes to town.

Founder Nick Callanan and the Maine Facial Hair Club join forces to bring you all things hairy and sudsy and reflective of Maine in the winter.

“A lot of men grow beards and a lot of men drink beer. Beer and facial hair have been helping men of the north get through winter since autumn,” said Callanan, who is not one of them. “I have the Irish curse.”

Whether it’s stubble, or a the full Bunyan you sport, University of Southern Maine is the place Saturday to get your beard and buzz on.


The second annual fest features 30 breweries, a majority from Maine. Foundation, Tributary, Baxter, Liquid Riot Bottling Company and Marsh Island Brewing Company dispense samples alongside vendors like Stache Bomb Stache Wax, Calabash Cigar and Beard’s Nest Products. Grab your oils and ointments to tame that beast.

What sets this beer fest apart, beside the excess hair?

“You have a great time and get to see a lot of wicked cool stuff. Bikers, hippies, all different sexual orientations. Dudes from Boston and the sticks. It is a fund raiser for the group Til Duty is Done serving veterans with employment and housing,” said Callanan.

Let your freak flag fly and catch The CanAm Beard & Moustache Competition, tucked into this event. This is where the best handlebar, prohibition-era look and Grizzly Adams get their due. Find out who has the best groomed, the healthiest, the most natural fit in Maine. Gawk over the most outrageous mustache and trendiest tap handle while drinking local.

“We do not take ourselves too seriously. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with fine people expressing themselves with facial hair.”

The Bearded BrewFest is Saturday, March 19, from 1 to 5 p.m. Sullivan Complex,  University of Southern Maine. Portland. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.


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