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Flurry of activity in Portland’s food scene includes new places for noodles, oysters and local meat

Though the forecast for the first week of July is bright and sunny, it’s raining restaurants in downtown Portland. A slew of new places, from a Vietnamese noodle house on Washington Avenue, to a steak-forward reinvention of Caiola’s in the West End, await eager diners. But first, what happened to Benkay on Commercial Street? After […]

Portland named top search by Bostonians looking to buy outside Massachusetts

  It was bound to happen. Both cities have award-winning oyster bars, cobblestone streets, vintage buildings and Parker House rolls. So when Bostonians look for homes outside the Bay State, their top search? You guessed it: Portland, Maine. According to a recent migration report by real estate site Redfin, Portland was the top search by […]